My Dog, Jeff

My Dog, Jeff

I have a ‘healthy’ obsession towards my Cavalier Spaniel and Poodle crossbreed (Cavapoo) dog, called Jeff. As such, here are few Photoshop doodle’s I have made with Jeff as my inspiration.

jeff the dog in a 100 dollar bill

I wanted to make an eye catching sticker which incorporates Jeff and my website in a fun way. Regardless of the currency, I figured a sticker which at a glance could be recognised as a $100 bill would do the trick. Created with Photoshop, there are just enough differences between this sticker and a real $100 bill to keep me out of trouble for counterfeiting.

Wanted a new wallpaper for my phone, so I made these:

jeff the dog mosaic jeff the dog mosaic jeff the dog mosaic jeff the dog mosaic jeff the dog mosaic

I wanted to experiment with the functionality available with HTML5 animations, as such I made this site about Jeff.

The image below was created using Adobe Photoshop, it is inspired by the iconic OBEY clothing brand.

jeff the dog obey clothing logo

Visit the site.


About James Milton

James Milton is a designer and developer with an affinity for integrating technology with design, within the contexts of user experience, virtual reality, videography and the web.


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