Vietnam Tour

Vietnam Tour

Summer 2017, my friend Seb and I embarked on a little trip to Asia! We flew from London, U.K to Hong Kong and spent 5 days exploring there. Next, we flew from Hong Kong to Hanoi, (north) Vietnam. We had a month to explore Vietnam and it’s neighbouring countries. When the month was up, we flew from Ho Chi Minh City, (south) Vietnam back home to London. The next day, my friend Aaron joined the crew and we flew to Helsinki, Finland for a festival… but that’s whole other adventure…

I did a ‘daily vlog’ during the trip, which can be found on Youtube. Below is a playlist of all my Asia uploads thus far.


About James Milton

James Milton is a designer and developer with an affinity for integrating technology with design, within the contexts of user experience, virtual reality, videography and the web.


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